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  • Dr Chena Anderson is a Naturopath Doctor. Chena and her staff have spent the last two decades helping people using transformational energetic and herbal healing methods which impact the body and mind to be transformed into a personal healing experience.

Other Adoption Resources

  • Autism Outreach under the Expert Leadership of Michelle Carney, M.S., PhD Candidate in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities, Autism and Emotional -Behavioral perform intensive in home and school based behavioral management programs for the most complex children. The group has expertise in adoption trauma cases , FAS and post institutional autism.
  • Parent Network for the Post-Institutionalized Child » Find a Parent Group
    At NACAC, we believe some of the best support an adoptive, foster, or kinship care parent can receive is from another parent. We provide support and resources to parent and youth group leaders and share information with adoptive, foster, and kinship families about groups in their communities.
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